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Calcite Processing And Crushing Equipment

Calcite is also a common stone in sand and gravel factories. Because of its moderate hardness and wear resistance, it is mined by many sand factories for processing, crushing and sand making. The resulting sand and gravel aggregates can be used in construction and are widely used in highways, high-speed railway, construction sand and other fields, calcite is an ideal material for the construction industry.

So how about the quality of calcite crushing and sand making? The quality of calcite crushing and sand making has a lot to do with the crushing and processing equipment, and only after scientific and reasonable processing and crushing can not only give play to the value of calcite itself, but also improve its quality and become a gravel with excellent particle gradation Let's take a look at what kind of crusher is used to process calcite?

Applications of Calcite

First, the rubber industry with heavy calcium

Rubber heavy calcium carbonate powder: 400 mesh , Whiteness: 93% calcium carbonate : 96 %. Calcium carbonate is one of the largest big filler used in the rubber industry . Among a large number of calcium carbonate filler in the rubber , to increase the volume of their products and saves expensive natural rubber , thus greatly reducing the cost of calcium carbonate fill rubber can be higher than that of pure rubber vulcanizate tensile strength, tear tear strength and abrasion resistance.

Second, the plastics industry with heavy calcium

Plastic masterbatch , masterbatch with heavy calcium carbonate ( heavy calcium ) 400 mesh , requires high temperature heating whiteness unchanged ore structure of large crystals of calcite , calcium carbonate content : 99% , whiteness : 95 % calcium carbonate in plastics can play a role in skeleton , the size of the stability of plastic products have a significant role , but also improve the hardness of products and improve product surface gloss and surface smoothness due to calcium carbonate whiteness 90 or more, you can also replace expensive white pigment.

Third, the paint industry with heavy calcium

Paint - paint with heavy calcium carbonate ( heavy calcium ) or 1000 800 mesh mesh, Whiteness: 95% , calcium carbonate : 96 %. The amount of calcium carbonate in the paint industry is large, for example in an amount of paint thickener 30% .

Equipment recommended

Calcite applications , the general requirements of high fineness , this time can not be achieved Raymond ordinary fineness requirements. Our SCM series production of ultra-fine grinding in the mill has accumulated years of experience , based on the Swedish absorb the advanced manufacturing technology, and after years of trial and improvement and development of a new ultra-fine powder processing equipment. It is the crystallization of the Swiss advanced technology , the global trend is to guide the mill new, highly efficient products.

When a user purchases a calcite crusher, he must first inspect the strength and qualifications of the other party's calcite crusher manufacturer. Crusher manufacturers with stronger qualifications and strength can provide users with better experience, save more maintenance funds, and create higher economic value in terms of crusher quality and service.

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